Chimney Sweep

High Peak Chimney Sweep offers a clean, friendly and professional service to ensure that your chimney works safely and efficiently. From a standard sweep through to investigative work using CCTV, I can provide practical assistance and advice to maintain your chimney and help you get the most from your stove or fire.

How often should a chimney be swept?

To ensure maximum efficiency from your fuel and appliance it is important to sweep the chimney regularly. Keeping your chimney clean will minimise the risk of chimney fires and improve efficiency, helping protecting against any damage or dangerous gasses. How frequently your chimney should be swept will depend on your appliance (therefore, the the type of fuel used) and how often you use it.

sweeping frequency
  • House Coal: Twice a year
  • Smokeless Coals: At least once a year
  • Wood burning: Up-to 4 times a year
  • Oil: Once a year or on servicing
  • Gas: Once a year or on servicing
  • Bio Fuel: Once a year or on servicing